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Does Zinc Supplement Enhance Semen Volume & Male Fertility?

Ultimate Volume semen volume enhancing capsules
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Male Volume Enhancer

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“You are what you eat” is an old phrase that indicates that a person to be healthy you need to consume healthy food. We can take that a step further and break it down to a specific ingredient that helps a certain bodily function to be healthy.

Here we examine the role the nutrient Zinc (Zn) plays in the role of male fertility, the production and the health of semen volume.

Studies have shown dramatic & positive results of semen volume, semen health and semen motility when consuming Zinc-rich foods or taking Zinc supplements. Zinc is a vital and important nutrient for the sperm motility function which is an important factor for optimising male fertility. Zinc is good for anti-inflammatory purpose within the semen so aiding them to reach the desired destination of the female egg.

Zinc increase semen

Without the optimum levels of Zinc in your system then it is not only the male fertility or semen volume begins to breakdown. Lack of Zinc can lead to symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, loss of mental focus or thinning hair are some negative aspects of Zinc deficiency.

What foods contain Zinc? Oysters contain high levels and generally are known as an aphrodisiac. Other shellfish crab, mussels and shrimp can also optimise zinc levels.

Seeds and Nuts, Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, pinenuts, almonds and cashews all will add zinc

Lentils, chickpeas or beans all contain zinc
Eggs, Cheese and milk are food to add for your Zinc optimising.

All the above food can be included in a well-balanced diet to keep an overall level of health and to ensure your intake of Zinc-rich foods. Or you can consider a Zinc supplement to keep up your Zinc levels.

If you actively aiming to improve male fertility or just want to heighten your libido whilst increasing Semen Volume then it would be highly recommended to source a supplement formulation that will have a cocktail of potent herbs.

Ultimate Volume semen volume enhancing capsules that have amongst its 15 ingredients formula is Zinc and other Zinc rich ingredients. There are many testimonials to suggest the Ultimate Volume formulation helps male fertility or just to get sensational orgasms with a high level of semen to ejaculate.


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